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BLDC motors and drives

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Brushless drive

To provide welding machines and other devices with similar operating principle with effective functioning you need to equip them with qualitative brushless drive. Main function of this device is work optimization and increasing of DC motors’ general indicators. The second name of brushless drive is valve engine, because it works on base of not mechanical, but electrical switching.
Organization “Electrical Techniques - New Technologies” offers everyone to buy brushless motors of high quality, operating from DC (direct current) network, at bargain prices. These multipurpose devices affect on active, trouble-free functioning of welding positioners, machines for performing underwater work and the other similar equipment.

Operating principle of BLDC drive

Device’s construction consists of two general parts: electromechanical (provides connection with DC source and transmits impulse to the engine) and controlling (controls the motion power). Their interaction system is expressed in the following elements connected between each other:  
In fact, it is an interaction system of two parts: the first of them transforms one type of energy into another, and the second one controls its power function. Winding power charge is provided by electrical switching, which is more profitable and comfortable in comparison with collector’s mechanical process.
Before working out a BLDC motor our technicians have explored some methods of production technology that are fundamental for engineering. Due to this responsible approach now our motors possess with range of advantages over usual collector species:  

Where can you tap PMSM drives?

Because of their multipurpose option, devices, not equipped with collector, can be used in various scopes, in different production spheres. Perfect controllability and ease of use allow to make them part of details in CD/DVD-drives and computer fans, in rocket and modern robots construction.
In industrial sphere brushless drives are also widely used: for automobile, aviation technologies construction - this is caused by electrical engine’s ability to regulate speed in wide range. Because of the same reasons devices are also used as details for medical equipment, domestic appliances, welding machines construction and more other.

Where can I purchase safe brushless motor?

Such important element of many electromechanical devices construction must pass through professional test on the subject of safe and compliance with all the rules, otherwise the final product will functionate wrong and soon will break down.
We offer an effective solution: our company is engaged in developing and installation of qualitative PMSM drives for different heavy industrial spheres, domestic appliances and computer industry. Our engineers will help you to determine right characteristics of future system to be installed in a concrete subject. Also they will provide you with the whole spectrum of service, from technical task to the final item.
We discuss the construction details with customer and only after this discussion present the final project — client will always be posted as to our actions!